Friday, December 01, 2006

More techst

Every time I make a blog post, I hit ctrl-a and the ctrl-c before clicking 'Publish'. That's because when I started this blog, I used IE. Apparently, Internet Explorer was so offended at the stupidity of the things I write that it would frequently crash in protest, undoing in an instant the effort of many minutes.

Now I use Firefox and the the Blogger beta. The copying of blog text before publishing is not at all necessary (though I still do it out of habit), because Firefox and Blogger Beta get along great. Problem is, I updated to Firefox 2.0 a week or so ago, and now Firefox crashes everywhere else on the net just like the IE of olden times.

Is it just me? Anyone else having Firefox 2.0 issues?


Robin said...

Its just you, Firefox 2.0 works perfectly for the rest of humanity.

Karl said...


Matt said...

I'm having the same weird behaviors. Every time I try to copy and paste anything with the keyboard shortcuts, my Firefox instance crashes. I'm using version 2.0.