Friday, December 01, 2006

Scott Adams is half-seriously arguing for Bill Gates as U.S. president. There's even a website already running: . Sound silly? Gates has thrice the money and a thousand times the name recognition of Ross Perot, and Perot made a decent run at it.

If Gates ran, who would be a good Veep? Steve Jobs, I guess. Or maybe Scott Adams. He's pretty smart. Colin Powell? I think Gates-Powell would be a pretty strong ticket.


In local stuff- if anybody goes to the Re-opening of FM this weekend, drop me an E-mail and tell me how the new (post renovation) place looks.


Bread said...

except if colin powell ran, people will question his rhetoric prior to iraq and the fact that he was the point man for iran-contra...there's a reason he hasn't run for elected office, and my guess is it has more to do with his history than his views.

Michael Turton said...

Not to mention that Powell was one of the point men for the Mai Lai cover-up. I think that, not Iraq, is the real skeleton.


Red A said...


If you recall we had discussion about Lieberman's being Jewish causing major problems if we were elected president. (and thus you said he should not be elected.)

Now, Barrack Obama is a lapsed Muslim, and apostate, and a convert to Christianity.

Do you think this is also something that could affect his presidency if it were to occur? How about his election chances?

This is a straight question, and anyone else feel free to answer. I'm less interested in the "rednecks won't vote for a man with a middle name of Hussein" than a discussion of how it would affect Muslim-American voters and foreign policy implications.

FYI, apostasy is often a capital crime in many Muslim countries...