Thursday, December 01, 2005

More chess

Long time Taichungers may remember Felix H., the original owner of M & M (which used to be the original Napoli, but not the first original Napoli, which was somewhere downtown), which later morphed into the first PJs, and is now Salsa Cubana. Anyway, Felix works for TÜV, and it appears they are sending him away from Taiwan forever. He's being sent to head TÜV's British offices, where he will experience bad food but be compensated by a very high salary.

Felix will be in Taichung for the last time on Saturday, where he and I will explain in emotion-filled detail to Blackcrusader why the Sicilian Defense is shite. We'll be meeting up at La Terrasse around 2:00PM, so if anybody wants to come witness the last meetup of the Old Skool chess geeks, come on by. Bring yer game and yer ability to withstand a tremendous amount of trash-talking.

On Sunday, a bunch of Taipei's best chess players are coming to Taichung to challenge Taichung's best chessplayers, which I guess will mainly be Laughingbuddha and me. The Taichung team will...

pwn teh Taipei noobs cuz we r so 1337.

(That last sentence brought to you courtesy of Tim Edstein, a.k.a. Cyborg_ninja, who knows a lot about pwning noobs but not so much about linear algebra. Tim, is my syntax above correct?)


Anonymous said...

bf2 stats

Karl said...

Master Sergeant?!?!? You became a Master Sergeant in 3 months of play?

That's it. I'm going to buy this game and pwn you liek teh noob that u r.

Anonymous said...

well its sumthing called hard work, it all began on half-life 2. ur gonna reach master sergeant in 2 yrs lol

Anonymous said...

the better stats page: