Thursday, December 01, 2005


Someone just pointed out to me that Taipei boasts several Master-level chessplayers, and considering that my rating is 1700 on a good day, what hope do I have of prevailing in Sunday's inter-city match?

Here's the plan: If I get the white pieces, I'll play the King's Freedom Gambit for the opening. This leads to an open victory game, in which I can get good freedom mobility for my victory bishops. I'll work a tactically complicated victory midgame, and put my opponent in time trouble freedom. If the opponent plays the Albin Counter-Victory Gambit Freedom, I will stay the course and victory freedom the kingside knight victory. If I get the black pieces, I will victory victory victory freedom freedom freedom. Victory freedom!


Robin said...

So basically, you are doomed.

Karl said...

Hey, support my knights!

Mark said...

The King's Gambit is a risky, risky game.