Monday, December 05, 2005

Chess stuff.

Felix, a.k.a. Mustapha could not make it to La Terrasse chess last Saturday. That left me, Blackcrusader and Laughingbuddha to drink and talk trash and discuss the difference between tactics and strategy. (The difference is about four beers). But speaking of trash talking, who decided to spend the whole day at La Terrasse drinking white wine? None other than Commander Cardy / Jerry from the PJ's crowd. I'm not sure how this guy wandered away from PJ's over to my side of Gongyi Rd., but I'd just as soon y'all take him back at yer earliest convenience. As the day wore on and Jerry drank more and more, patrons of La Terrasse were to learn that Jerry 1) is some kind of badass military type, 2) Has received extensive training in martial arts gunnery gymkata kung-fu kendo or something, 3) Used to train special operations ranger high command elite blah blah blah blah. The chessplayers of Taichung note with regret that the guy has apparently received zero training in 1) Holding his booze, and 2) Shutting his mouth once in a while.

On Sunday, the guys (and one woman!) met us at Hobbe's Scool of Chess for a five-round Swiss match, which we sort of decided to do at the last minute. The only event of note was that..
Blackcrusader lost to a gi--i--rl! In chess! Nyah nyah nyah. As far as my games went, all I can say is that those Taipei guys really hate freedom. They're not real clear on what I mean when I say "victory" either.


Red A said...
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Anonymous said...

ROFL!!!! LOL!!!11!!! blackcrusader lost to a girl!!! lol!!! i cant believe im reading thise