Monday, November 28, 2005


Prominent in the news recently has been the toxic spill into a river near Harbin, China. The Peking Duck has had good coverage of the incident, and linked to this blog in China:
The political rumors in Beijing these past few days are that the governor or party chief of Jilin Province and the CEO of CNPC will soon be sacked and replaced. Maybe not so fast. But one thing is for sure: for lower-level bureacrats, heads are going to roll. At least I hope so. Roll, roll, you stupid heads.
I don't know if the blog is really written by a Chinese journalist, but the line 'Roll, roll, you stupid heads.' is pretty damn funny.


Stay the Course Man, from Mark Fiore.


All Your base Meets Queen


In Nepal, there is a teenager that some believe to be the Buddha, because he has been meditating for six months without food or water. I says pshaw. I spent all of 1999 playing Starcraft, subsisting only on 45 cartons of Davidoff Lights. Not only did I achieve enlightenment, I killed 3,823,947,465,241 zerglings.


Last night at FM I met a new foreigner in town who is 6' 10" tall. 208 cm. It is therefore with some relief that I transfer the title of Taichung's Gigantic Freak to this new guy, who's name I forget. You all will, I hope, forgive me for not asking him if he plays basketball.


P.I.M.P said...

Ironically, Kathmandu is a Bob Seger song as well. Sorry, read my other message, maybe you'll understand. Had to make the reference.

qclju said...

Karl, as far as I'm concerned you'll always be Taichung's Original Gigantic Freak ;)

Red A said...

Just for balance.

Michael Turton said...

Be careful, Karl, and don't run afoul of the
No Gambling Rule at Starbucks.


Karl said...

It's cool, they'll let you play chess at the Starbucks in Tiger City. Besides, I play a more... ethanol-oriented game of chess.