Friday, November 04, 2005

Buckley used to be a spy?

From The National Review:
The importance of the law against revealing the true professional identity of an agent is advertised by the draconian punishment, under the federal code, for violating it. In the swirl of the Libby affair, one loses sight of the real offense, and it becomes almost inapprehensible what it is that Cheney/Libby/Rove got themselves into. But the sacredness of the law against betraying a clandestine soldier of the republic cannot be slighted.
Why does William F. Buckley hate America?


Red A said...

I'm waiting for the wacky left to start demanding the WaPo tell us who leaked those secret CIA prisons to them, but I think it won't happen.

See, it's all about who benefits.

Red A said...

BTW, I don't include you in the wacky left.

Hey is there A&A tomorrow?

Karl said...

RE: A & A, check yer E-mail.

Michael Turton said...

I could care less where WaPo obtained the story. instead, I'm waiting for someone on the Right to firmly and forthrightly aver that running a secret gulag system in foreign countries is (a) criminal (b) unethical and (c) profoundly stupid.

Have fun with A&A. Can't wait to jump back in at the end of the month.


Anonymous said...

Wilson needs to be put under oath.

btw, Turton is a dumbass.

Karl said...

A Worldnetdaily link? I'm not real big on journalistic standards or reputable sources, but WND is just ridiculous.

And please, leave the mindless ad hominem attacks to me. I'm much better at them.