Friday, November 04, 2005

Prescription Update

OK, so the NiHowdy crew did not take kindly to my suggestion that they grind up and snort copious amounts of Hetracil. But that post did put my blog as one of the few internet resources for "behavioral effeminism", so it wasn't a total loss.
(If you are searching for information on 'behavioral effeminism' and you have found this blog, please note that 'behavioral effeminism is scientifically defined as a genetic male displaying any of the following traits: drinking vodka-cranberries instead of beer, wearing retinal cone-destroying jumpsuits and Astros gear, not playing chess very well, being a noofie, a newfee, from the Eastern part of Canada, supporting the Dallas Cowboys or the Philadelphia Eagles, or frequently rubbing your hands together like a B-movie supervillian)

Tell you what, guys. What y'all really need is a big healthy dose of Panexa. Especially P.I.M.P.

/Salutes Apostropher
//How in the hell does he find all the good stuff?

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