Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What the world needs is another blog yammering about politics

And I am that blog.

As one of the many disillusioned Democrats out there, I have had to deeply consider my choice for president in 2008. This is a decision of grave import for not only the U.S.A., but the entire world, and I have thus given this matter several seconds of hard thought.

Here are the alternatives:

Christopher Walken.
Pros: Would be a hell of a diplomat.
Cons: (from the site) ""Our great country is in a terrible downward spiral..." Mr. Walken, if I want to hear overbown apocalyptic oratory, I'll get drunk and listen to myself.

Bill Holt.
Pros: Fiscal conservative, Cat lover
Cons: Hasn't updated site in five years, probably forgot he is running for president

Gus Hall.
Pros: Dedicated to justice and the rights of the working class
Cons: Died in 2000

General Zod.
Pros: Strong leader. Excellent military experience.
Cons: A future life under a tyrant who demands your life and all of your possessions .

Well, that may sound tough at first, but I think I've been married long enough to deal with it. General Zod it is then.


Michael Turton said...

Besides, I'm sure your wife can handle General Zod. Just wait until the good general asks her to fetch him a beer.

See you Sat at 1.


CJ said...

Your blog is very interesting, Eduacational and very funny.

CJ said...

I did not mean to spell educational wrong.

Red A said...

What happens if I spell a word wrong in a comment, and then when re-commenting to fix that, I spell another word wrong? I could end up a terrible downward spiral of mispelling, poor grammar, and math errors.

Best not to comment at all.

Robin said...

But Gus is your second choice?

Karl said...

Heh. In some old FBI file somewhere, there is a picture of Gus Hall shaking hands with a 19 year old me. He had come to USF to debate with some libertarian. That had to be back in '86 or '87.

Red A said...

Glad-handing and baby kissing gets voters every time.

"yeah, I know he'll confiscate my land and business and give it to the teeming masses...but he shook my hand and looked me in the eye!"

malv said...

Rice in '08!

She's smart, tough, and NOT a politician
(which will probably make it harder for her to win).

Red A said...

Rice can glad and me and kiss my baby anytime.

Did you hear how she made the Kazakh president come back to the podium at a joint press conference to take questions from the press?