Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Taichung chess report

Chess tournament was last Sunday at Hobbes Scool of Chess. Thanks to Andrew and his brother Gary for hosting. Thanks to Joe (A.K.A. YWP) for doing a great job as TD.

Chaon won the tournament, and refuses to let a small thing like the fact that all the other participants were a third his age detract from the sweet victory. Besides, some of those kids were pretty good. Like the old saying goes, youth and skill are no match for... me. Not in chess, anyway.

Game 2: Chaon fights tooth and nail to beat a formidable opponent

Me: "My God. I've just gotten my knight trapped by an eight year-old kid."
Eight year-old kid: "Man, I hope by the time I'm 38, I can play better than this guy."

Mid-day: Chaon gives some chess pointers to eager young prodigies

Me: "Now listen up kids, you have to remember that in chess, MATERIAL IS NEVER IMPORTANT! You ALWAYS sacrifice for an open game with attacking chances.
Them: But our teacher said...

Me: I DON'T CARE what your teacher said! Do you want to play 35 moves and end up with a stale, drawn position?
Them: Well no...
Me: Then get in there and sac some queens! Attack, attack, and then keep attacking! By the way, any of you guys got a cigarette I could bum?

Taiwan's Number 1 chess player challenges Taichung's Number 1 coffee drinker

Me: Why am I playing Bird's opening against someone who knows what they are doing?
Joe: Doesn't this guy know any real openings? And why doesn't he get a haircut?

More pics from the day can be seen here.


Robin said...

That's sad, Karl.

Anonymous said...

karl can only pwn kids lol he cant pwn real chess players

Kevlar said...

So Karl what name do you plan to call your new school (cough business)?