Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Vegetarian Bacon

This is the vegetarian bacon I bought at Wellcome Supermarket:


There is nothing particularly funny or interesting about this vegetarian bacon, except that I find its very existence slightly horrifying. I am unsure how to cook the vegetarian bacon. I like to cook grits and then fry the bacon until it is real crispy and then mix the bacon all up in the grits and then eat it. But I do not have any grits. I do not think they can be bought in this country. I could perhaps prepare the vegetarian bacon with some other kind of meat, like when they wrap stuffed chicken breasts with bacon. Maybe I should see if the same supermarket sells vegetarian chicken breasts.

J-Hole would know what to do with the vegetarian bacon. I'm going to go to PJ's tonight and ask him.


Rye said...

why would you buy veggie bacon in the first place? aren't you a meat eater?

Anonymous said...

Ah yes! GRITS!! I just boiled up a pot full a couple of days ago. Good-ole "Albers", the only TRUE grits! And of course I added in a half pound of butter so that the grits was completly saturated. I like the bacon bits idea. "Mema" used to add a few fried eggs for a "proper" Sarasota breakfast.

Red A said...

I hope you noticed it's Japanese flavored vegetarian bacon.

Mmmmm, Japanese flavored southern grits.

It must be breakfast at Wolfgang Pucks.

Karl said...

Rye, I love meat, especially bacon. I just saw the vegetarian bacon in the store, and bought it out of curiosity. Still haven't tried to cook it.

Karl said...

Cooked the vegetarian bacon with black beans and rice- No result of note. The black bean flavor overwhelmed whatever flavor the vegetarian bacon has. Then fried the rest of the vegetarian bacon with a rice & eggs breakfast. Add some cumin and garlic powder to the v.b. while frying, and you've got a pretty good meat substitute.

j-hole said...

Throw it away.