Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Seen last weekend

1st German tanker (on far left): Where are you guys going? We're about to take Moscow!
1st German infantry: Can you count the number of Russian infantry divisions defending Moscow?
2nd German infantry: There are so many, they ran out of red chips and had to use NT$5 coins as markers!
3rd German infantry: Not to mention the fact that every Allied fighter in the whole world seems to have flown in for the party. We're out of here.
2nd German tanker: I told you we should have attacked Stalingrad instead! Every time German troops get stuck up here in Archangel, things just fall apart!
1st Japanese infantry: Ahondara Germans. We marched all the way across China for this?



Michael Turton said...

ROFL. That first game was very enjoyable.

Ran the game with no Russian attacks on first turn. No change. Allies crushed Axis in seven. Big diff was Russia IPC count by turn 24, 24, 20, 24, 27, 31, and slugfest emerged in Caucasus. No early boost for Russia. Big winner appeared to be UK, which roamed at will around board devoid of German, Russia, US, and Japan forces, all which annihlated each other. But only ran it once....

Did find workaround for US fleet Build for KJF strategy on opening turn, but:

...the J sub has to defeat british sub.

In meantime on turn 1 you fly the planes off the carriers in east indies, ignoring the f***ing British fleet off Kwantung.

In combat, you attack transport in New Guinea with bomber out of UK. With transport gone, you then move into solomons in non-combat move, since UK has no sub, and pick airplanes. Hence you have BB, CV, DD and 2 FTR at Pearl, and BB, CV, and 2 FTR in solomons. If US buys fleet off California, you waste it on next turn. If not, your job is done, and you go suppress the UK bandits.

Meanwhile UK does go wild for a turn in Asia -- even more wild if you whack US fleet and end up further from center of Pacific. Still, you can shut it down once US power crushed. But Germany already lost by that point.


Michael Turton said...

sorry, planes from East Indies fleet must go to pearl harbor.


Michael Turton said...

never mind, you can position the J fleet in solomons even if Brit sub wins. Hit it with 1 FTR, even if it loses and the submerges, you can move into sea area with submerged sub. Other ftr goes to pearl, continue as before.

Sheesh, I'm snoozing.


Red A said...

"Hans, I am not so avraid of dee Russians, but dee British Teufel luftwaffe - dey make me vet my knickers."

Red A said...


Not a bad anti-USA idea, though it does keep tons of planes off the mainland and keeps the two battleships from delivering any bombardments. Small price perhaps, though.

Maybe bring a trannie out somehow and after threatening or killing any US build-up take Australia and then onwards to India?

Karl said...

Michael, Malv tried your idea last night. America's 1st buy was five subs, Japan attacked 'em the sea zone off of California and sent the whole Pacific fleet to the bottom of the ocean. He also took Hawaii to threaten an amphibious on West Coast.

Didn't help. U.S. turn two buy was a bunch of infantry to protect California, but eventually the Japanese navy had to leave, and the U.S. just poured subs into the Pacific all over again.

Michael Turton said...

Yes, that's the problem, the long term. As Keynes said....