Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Techical Help Needed

What equipment does one need to connect a PC to a stereo? The following has already been tried:

1. A single to double cable that is the correct size to fit the output of the computer (both earphone and/or audio).
2. A couple of female/female connectors so that I could run an additional cable to the back of the stereo

But the signal was weak and static-filled. Has anybody done this?


Johnny Atomic said...

The best way is to get what?s called a breakout box. The box and graphic card needed to use it cost about $150.00 from Pinnacle, last time I looked. The box will have multiple line-outs which usually include Firewire, Co-Axial, S-Video, and of course, 3 connection RCA cable. You can then run just about any media device from your computer. These would include your television, stereo, and vcr (or camcorder). If you were still here, I would just give you mine.

Anonymous said...

rye guy did this much cheaper, not sure how...

Karl said...

Thanks Johnny, but the advice is not for me. It's for the coolest audiophile in all of Southern California.

Red A said...

First pick up some lipstick lesbians.

Then add some beer.

You'll soon forget about the project you were attempting.

Angus said...

Audio nut here. Use a stereo 1/8 to stereo RCA cable, keep it far from that interference generating nightmare called a monitor.

You may have a short in that one, hence, static.

Look here:

This is what you want. Is there a radio shack or equivalent there? The breakout box is good, but you want cheap, I'm guessing.

I do like the female to female part, though. Yeah. Sad to say, this adapter is male at both ends - though it requires a female receptacle.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. guys. i think I will go for the "breakout box" since no combination of cables and my attempting to fiddle with them seems to be getting the sound over to the stero correctly. The best I could get was a very low volume and static filled signal to the "aux" input on the stero. No luck with using any of the front or rear tape inputs. The earphone jack on the HP monitor would not work either. I just got a loud hum from that try. I have an old Micron Millenia series unit and a a brand new HP "Media Center PCm7167c" I would have thought that I could at least get that unit to transfer a decent signal to the home stereo but no had no luck. I know there must be other people out there that have wanted to do this project. Any other sugestions would be greatly appreciated. I suspect that the main problem is obtaining enough signal strength/amplification to the back of the stereo. Thanks for the feedback so far.
Los Angeles

VT said...

We have our stereo connected to our PC using a small amplifier (SA-155 mini amp) that used to be sold by Radio Shack. You can find a lot of them on Ebay ( for cheap, which is how we bought ours. We've been able to digitize all of our albums and cassettes from the 70's and 80's -- and while the music isn't perfect (there's a bit of popping and scratching from the vinyl), it's better than I expected. Great for transferring The Ramones to my iPod!