Thursday, October 06, 2005

Coming this weekend...

If you live near Taichung, and are one of those young, hip people who knows who Cevin Fisher is, then you may be interested in this weekend's Garden of Eden outdoor festival.
(Please note that I have no idea who Cevin Fisher is, nor can I imagine that any young, hip people read this blog. But there's the info just in case.)

For something a little less ravey and more paramilitary, check out the COMBATCLAW BB-Gun Wargame Club. I don't know what a BB-Gun wargame is either. I'm guessing it's like paintball, only maybe with those Airsoft guns. Do those guns shoot paintballs? Plastic pellets? I used to play paintball in Plant City in the eighties, with those first generation single-shot paintball guns they had then. What those guns lacked in velocity, they made up for with projectile mass. I think the caliber was about 1. When you got shot, you sure as hell knew it. Fortunately, the enemy had to be practically right on top of you to hit you- the range was about the third of a good slingshot.


Red A said...

I see these guys, and get all misty. China will get its ass kicked with these guys defending their local internet cafe.


They welcome all foreigners...I'm sure Karl will enjoy being their target of choice every game.

"Okay, you guys flank on the left. Shoot the big nose. Then we decide who is on who's teams!"

Robin said...

I think I have seen a new paint pellet for airsoft.