Friday, October 07, 2005

Another reason why Taiwan is not keen on unification

I have been at a loss on what to do with the linked image below. Part of playing the glib and sarcastic character in which I write on this blog is that I am not supposed to be shocked by anything. I might find something mildly disgusting, crass or vulgar and unfunny, but I hardly ever see anything that makes me think "Oh my God that's horrible."

It's a banner from China, and don't bother looking if you don't read Chinese. I'm sure as hell not going to translate it.



Red A said...

Is it similar to this thing?

Karl said...

Yes, but somehow worse.

Red A said...

I would agree, in one sense, as your example is so "Smokey Says Fight Forest Fires" style instead of a commercial billboard...of course Taichung has those billboards for the Hernia specialist doctor.

He's No. 2 in the world behind a researcher in Canada for number of hernias operated on.

Of course, he diagnosed my pulled muscle as a hernia and wanted to operate the next day. A second opinion advised muscle relaxants and extreme puzzlement at the first doctor's diagnosis.