Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Y'all remember Jeff Gannon? The poor, defenseless gay man that the evil leftists were so mean to? Yeah you do. Funny, funny stuff, and best of all was Red A's Instapundit-fueled indignation.

I thought this was a parody when I first saw it, but I guess it's on the level:

Jeff Gannon- A Voice of the New Media
(So feared by the Left they had to take me down)

and he has a contributions page!
"As you might expect, recent developments have left me without an income, but I am determined not to allow that to keep me from speaking out."
Heh heh. Jeff little buddy, I don't think the Vice Squad in your area is so vigilant as to deprive you of all your income...

I like Jeff's headshot in front of the American flag. That's classy. Makes you look all credible and stuff. Maybe I should try something like that, so I too can be A Voice of the New Media...


I'm still working on my contributions page. In the meantime, please send Camel filters and Jack Daniels directly to my other office.


Red A said...

I thought you stopped smoking.

and we stopped drinking, too.

Are you cheating on me?

Karl said...

You cheated on me first. You were all like "yeah we'll quit drinking", and then you went out and drank like ten whiskeys last Monday night.

I think I'll just quit smoking one brand at a time. First, I'll quit smoking Davidoff Lights. Then Davidoff Regular, etc. I'll quit smoking Camels last.

Red A said...

I'd reserve Gauloise Unfiltered for last.

Robin said...

Frog cigarettes? Quit them first, huge increase in masculinity results.