Monday, September 19, 2005

Axis & Allies Stuff

To all the regular crew, take a look at 'Larry Harris' Tournament Rules; Revised Rules and Clarifications. Check out lend lease National Advantage change:
During your mobilize new units phase, you can convert one U.K. and one U.S. land unit into Soviet units if they are in a red territory.
And Superfortress:
The defender rolls two antiaircraft guns for each superfortress. The total of 2 die must add to 3 or less to shoot the superfortress down in the opening fire step.
These changes take care of the utter lopsidedness we encountered last Saturday. In addition, there is Axis & Allies: Enhanced v1.3 which has the better rules for tech rolls and some other neat stuff.


Aj said...

These rules look great, well thought out and obviously play balanced. I think using them would be a huge plus. The only problem is that we are going to have to READ them! I'm up for it though.

Michael Turton said...

Yep, looks like a major improvement.

Michael Turton said...

More important is this:

1. Heavy Bombers
-Your bombers are now Heavy Bombers. They roll 2 dice in attack and SBR (as per original AH rules)
-the combined total of all economic attacks (SBR,Rockets,Subs) on a territory, are limited to that territory's IPC value per TURN

Per turn! That means if the Brits and Americans and Sovs whack the German Industry, then together they are limited to ten?

I think that's a bit absurd...may as well just do away with Heavy Bombers.

Karl said...

No, 'per turn' means per each player's turn. So England can whop 'em for 8, U.S. for ten, Russia for three, etc.

Karl said...

Anyway, in Larry Harris Tournament Rules, they DID do away with heavy bombers, pretty much.

Michael Turton said...

Yeah, I thought that was maybe the best solution. So now the question becomes: how do we stop Japan from taking Russia with millions of tanks?

I'm off to game these rules! Come over tomorrow morning and we'll run A & A all day!


Michael Turton said...

Ran two games yesterday night w/o heavy bombers and with some of the tournament rules. Bitchin' long, didn't finish the second war. They come down to long struggles of attrition. Game still favors Allies, withal, but very slightly.


Robin said...

A&A wishes to be a real wargame when it grows up.

Michael Turton said...

Speaking of growing up, I've been playtesting the new national advantages and other rules. My son and I played a game yesterday -- he whipped me in five turns, Sea Lioned England on turn two -- he didn't remember to move his ships to block the Americans, or that would have been that. Russia smoked on turn five, and Japan grabbed the West Coast of the US that selfsame turn. I was totally crushed. He learned a lot by watching you all here the other day......

Did you read any of the posts on that A&A forum, Karl? They all seem to think that the US should build a navy in the Pacific. There are people who report taking Borneo and the Philippines early in the None of us has ever done that.


Red A said...

The two strategies are:

KJF: Kill Japan First

KGF: Kill Germany First

Supposedly KJF is the way the allies can always win...of course, it didn't work for Malv and AJ last week.