Thursday, September 22, 2005


From the St. Pete Times: Casual Male hope to grow by losing 'big'
New management at Casual Male Big & Tall has discovered what somehow eluded their predecessors for decades: men who buy big- and tall-sized apparel aren't particularly proud of being called big and tall.
Yer goddam right we don't like being called big and tall. I've been pushing these stores for years to refer to us as "Great and Lofty". Or at least "Groß und hoch ". But it doesn't matter what they call the store, their pants all still cut the way old men like their pants, with the low end of the crotch almost to your knees. Makes it easier to pull 'em up real high, I guess, but they don't offer much in the way of ball support. Not that my balls droop or anything.


Red A said...

High and Mighty.

Johnny Atomic said...

I'm still waiting for Short and Fat...