Monday, August 08, 2005

Things we learned last weekend

Curry shui jiao are possible, and tasty.
Ingredients: ground beef, jiu cai, ginger, salt, olive oil, curry powder.
Directions: Sit on couch reading a magazine while your wife does all the mixing of ingredients. When the ingredients are all mixed into that weird paste, go onto the balcony and have a cigarette while you wife does all the wrapping of the dumplings. When all of the dumplings are finished, go into the kitchen and triple boil them, about 15 each time in standard sized wok. Complain bitterly about how hot the stove is, how your back hurts, and how expensive the beef was. When all the dumplings are cooked, eat most of them, congratulating yourself on what a good job you did.

In other news, It looks like it's time for me to move back to Florida.

Lastly, we learned that Japan should not, under any circumstances, attempt to chase the U.S. Pacific fleet into the Atlantic ocean by going around Argentina.


Red A said...

and 12 German infantry and a bomber are not enough to stop AJ.

Karl said...

and we've played with the wrong rules every single game so far. And it's not even a particularly hard game... Might be time for a downgrade to Risk or Stratego or something that our little brains can manage.

Michael Turton said...

I just got A&A today (son and I are taking a dinner break from it, he's kicking my ass at the moment as the Allies), ordered last week and UPSed right to my school, and not only do the changes radically rein in Russia, it's no longer possible to skip a buy, accumulate IPCs, and then buy, say 10 transports and 2 BBs like we used to sometimes. The ramifications are still hitting me. The game came with a helpful list of the changes and the reasons why.

PS: Maybe we SHOULD switch to Parcheesi or something. My 11 yr old son hit upon Red A's secret strategy of dumping US troops in N Africa and racing around to help Russia. Except Russia is about to roll over Germany and doesn't need him. *sigh*