Thursday, June 30, 2005

Stuff on Iraq

Because Lord knows there aren't enough blogs out there covering this stuff...

Let's see. On CNN: Evidence is clear Saddam linked to 9/11. What evidence is that? The evidence that I don't get to see because I do not have a top secret security clearance. Could be, I guess. I always kind of wonder what kind of information national leaders have but can't share. Then they have to make a decision based on the information that they can't make public, so the government action ends up with odd-sounding rationale. I mean, it happens in business and in personal relations, so I don't see why the same kind of situation wouldn't arise for a nation's government.

Then I read that US 'knows' where Zarqawi is. Well, go get him! Twenty five million dollars? What's the hold up? Question- If a U.S. citizen grabs Zarqawi, will they have to pay taxes on the $25 mil? What would the tax rate be for that?

Uh oh. I've got conflicting propaganda here. The Albasrah site says:
"The website has not published any reports about az-Zarqawi because we, like all Iraqis, do not believe this mythological figure exists on the pure soil of Iraq. Iraq is fighting Anglo-American terrorism in its own, native Iraqi Resistance movement, which offers itself as a sacrifice for the liberation of the country, determined to continue fighting until the last inch of Iraqi soil is freed from today?s barbarian hordes."
Zarqawi is mythical? And who are they calling 'barbarians'? I'll have them know that I bathe several times a month, and always keep my mullet neatly groomed. Looking around their site, I think that digital cameras and the internet seem to have opened a whole new arena in the disinformation game. But this has an ominous ring of truth to it, just because it's the kind of thing I'd want if I lost a relative in 9/11. Grief trumps reason every time.


Anonymous said...

The MSM is far too busy trying to find dirt on the USA, the Bush administration, conservatives, etc. You won't find anything therein that supports the views of any of the aforementioned.

Here's a place to start:

Karl said...

"You won't find anything therein that supports the views of any of the aforementioned."

Aforementioned what?

Red A said...

Big "no no" giving Karl a link to the National Review.

Lucky that guy posted anonymously.

Is there a game of A & A tomorrow?

Red A said...

Did you notice that bomb is made of concrete?

Karl said...

No A & A tomorrow. Maybe next Wednesday P.M., 6:30ish. You in?

Michael Turton said...

I'm in for Wednesday, the 6th.

Michael Turton said...

Great link to the Nat Rev. article. I laughed for hours afterwards -- written by a flunky for the right-wing foundation run by Jack Kemp, Steve Forbes, and Jeanne Kirkpatrick. Actually, thanks for that info -- had no idea such a place existed.