Thursday, May 05, 2005

Ganked from The Ferrett, The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Lovecraftian... perfumes? colognes? essences! including:

The perfume of eternity in vast, unknowable space. A glittering oil, ephemeral, iridescent, and horrifying in its immeasurable emptiness. This is the scent of air and darkness.
Well, first there was the candles that smell like Jesus, and now this. If there is money to be made, I'm gonna get right on it. Soon, available from this website only, readers can purchase:

The lustrous, cloying scent of stale Camel Filters tinged with the pleasant aroma of a Budweiser freshly spilled down the front of your shirt. The delicate odor of sweat-permeated combat boots, with the wholeness encompassed by a cologne stolen from China Airlines' San Francisco-Taipei route.
Bottled in the finest Windex spray bottles, with almost all of the original label scraped off. Order now by Paypal or Credit card!

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