Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Curse IKEA and their crappy Made in China furniture. There exists particle board, and then there exists particle board that sends big chunks flying out when you take a drill to it. The only benefit is that there is little sawdust, just glue speckled lumps of wood everywhere. So cleanup is easier.

Curse Robert L. Arnold and his Reversible Ratcheting Tool with Improved Pawl (U.S., 10/286603). And double- nay! thrice-curse the Hand Tool Design Corporation, with their foxlike wiles and tarantulalike ethics.

Curse the man who first conceived the foul concept of adding bourbon to Coke and serving this monstrosity to human beings. The skull, it burns.

Curse this alleged DHCP server and it's unwillingness to hear the electrical pleadings my Acer sends forth.

Curse China and the folly of the proposed Anti-secession law. Curse the Chinese exhibitors at the Asian Sourcing show for their vile swarming of the free buffet offered at the end of the first day of the show. Curse the embarrassment felt by all the other Asian exhibitors, as each was impelled to perform some action or make some comment to let all present know that he/she was not Chinese.

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