Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The top five reasons why my wife is the coolest:

5. She shops at Mango. This is cool because where women's clothes can cost up to a zillion dollars, stuff at Mango is always inexpensive. Buying clothes for my wife could only get cheaper if we went to the night market. Which I have of course suggested.
4. She doesn't divorce me for endlessly blabbering on about lesbians.
3. She bought me a suede leather Mongolian greatcoat in Mongolia. And she lets me wear it out, even though I look so studly and all these girls try to jump on me and stuff.
2. She brought pizza, beer, and a stripper to poker night on my birthday. Unless you are Pimp Ryan, in which case there was no stripper.

And the number one reason why my wife is the coolest is...

1. She found the Waili Donut Shop's website! The address is No. 899, Li Ming Rd., Sec. 2. I am going there just as soon as I finish typing this. I plan to be too fat by tomorrow morning to blog anything. Heck, if I don't shave for a few days I can soon look like a 6' 7" Michael Moore. Hmm. Maybe that greatcoat will hide the donut belly...

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