Monday, January 03, 2005

It was mentioned to me that I was remiss in not blogging a very noteworthy item after Christmas. A bunch of us had turkey Chistmas dinner at John's house. While this in itself is not exciting, the preparation of the turkey may be of some interest. The turkey was (baked? grilled? barbecued?) on a barbecue grill. When John told me he was going to cook the turkey this way, I was skeptical of a scrumptious outcome. Every time I have cooked a turkey (which is a total of one time), the white meat of the turkey was too dry. And speak not to me of basting. I basted that damn turkey like a volleyball at a football game, and it did not help one bit. So, it was a great surprise when we sliced the turkey to find that it was possibly the most tender, moistest white turkey meat I have ever eaten. John said something about turning the turkey upside down at some stage of the cooking, but I was already eating and didn't pay much attention.

Brett mentioned this on Saturday, and I found it this morning. Are you serious about contributing to the relief effort in Sri Lanka? Fly on over and help clean up. Cynthia priced tickets this morning, they are NT$22000 round trip Taipei-Colombo. The problem for Taiwaners is that it looks like the projects are two weeks long minimum. We can take the Lunar New Year holiday for one week, but that leaves another week of vacation time or unpaid leave or whatever. I have never heard of this group Global Crossroad, but there is no real reason why I should have heard of them.

U.S. Should Not Help Tsunami Victims. Very nice. Somebody give me a quick reminder. Are Objectivists predominantly Democrats or Republicans? I can't quite remember. Though to be entirely fair, it looks like they are saying that only the U.S. Government should not help tsunami victims. So it's not like we should call them extremists or anything.

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