Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Chaon, like Giblets, is unsatisfied. Chaon can still see his shoes this morning, which is a sure indication that the belly has been insufficiently gorged with donuts.

There are a few fundamental principles of donuting that Waili donuts seems to have missed out on.
-Glazed donuts. A donut shop without glazed donuts is like.. a walrus without a micrometer, or poker without cards, or something. I really gotta work on my similes. Anyway, they ain't got no glazed donuts.
-Jelly filled donuts. None. No blueberry, rasberry, or that day-glo yellow lemon stuff. No chocolate cream filled donuts either.
-Donut density. The actual cake part of the donut should be light and fluffy, to facilitate the eating of a dozen donuts in one sitting. Waili donuts are the right size, but they weigh about 40% too much. Even I cannot eat twelve of those donuts, and I can eat twelve McDonalds hamburgers as an appetizer to a pizza.
-Cops. What kind of donut shop doesn't have any policemen drinking coffee and feasting on sugary goodness? A FAUX donut shop. That's what kind.

Also, I stood in line for 15 minutes to buy these under-sweetened tori. Which is better than the three-hour wait being reported at Taipei's Mr. Donut, but is still 15 minutes I could have spent polishing my tusks or thinking about lesbians or something.

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