Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Lawyer: Iraqi Abuse Was Like Act of 'Cheerleaders'

Now, there might be some good arguments that the Abu Ghraib shenanigans under scrutiny in that case are not 'torture'. I usually think of torture as burnings and squished eyeballs and sulphuric acid and forced listenings of We Built this City by Starship. But there were some other beatings and whatnot that sounded pretty disturbing, so maybe the conventional definition of torture may apply. And at any rate, this Graner guy evidently had sex with Lynndie England, and that's some sick stuff.

But. Saying that making naked prisoners get into a pyramid is not torture because cheerleaders do it is going to lead to an obvious question: Just where are these pyramids of naked cheerleaders? Hmm? 'Cause I have searched in the darkest recesses of the internet, and I have YET to find pictures of naked cheerleader pyramids.

And the other charges- making men on leashes dress up in women's underwear? Is that any different from the kinds of things that went on at Brett's house while Kevin was living there?

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