Sunday, April 27, 2014

Media Firestorm Burns Strong in Central Taiwan

Taichung privateer Chaon, who for 20 years has presided over the city's betelnut and pork floss franchises, became the object of national outrage and the target of investigation Saturday after allegedly making derogatory remarks about the Irish. In an audio recording, released by gossip site TVBS, a person identified as Chaon argues with his wife, criticizing her for posting a picture of herself on Facebook posing with noted literary and political figure Michael Turton.

"I don't care if he doesn't have red hair! That boy is as Irish as the day is long!" Chaon allegedly thundered, later adding, "I'm just saying, in your … posts, you don't have to have yourself with, walking with Irish people."

Taichung mayor Jason Hu told reporters the remarks were "truly offensive and disturbing" and said the city intended to conduct an investigation into the recording's authenticity that would "move extraordinarily quickly," possibly concluding in the next few days. Hu said that Chaon would be provisionally banned from all municipal facilities, pending investigation results.

As of press time, Chaon was unavailable for comment. 

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