Thursday, December 13, 2012


If the Earth were attacked by giant Godzilla-type monsters, and if'n I was in charge of things, this conversation would happen:

General: Our artillery is ineffective! We should make bigger guns with more incendiary and explosive payloads!
Chaon: No.
Admiral: Our latest rail gun technology is pretty good, let's hit the monsters with some huge D.U. rounds at 5000 meters per second and...
Chaon: No.
Army Scientist: We could develop a biological...
Chaon: No.
Air Force Scientist: Using a laser array and mobile...
Chaon: No.
Everyone: Then what are we going to do? How will we defend ourselves against these monsters?
**Dramatic Pause**
Chaon: We will build giant motherfucking robots, which will punch the monsters in their goddamn faces.

Evidently, there are other people out there who think like me:


Michael Turton said...

Dumbest movie ever, but it will sell a gazillion toys.

Anonymous said...

At some point in the far future, we might be rich enough to simply solve problems in the coolest fashion rather than the most effective fashion.

Also, Godzilla probably could not exist due to physical issues of pumping blood, etc.

p.s. You would send a Bolo.

God damn, I bought that book now I have to see where my wife hid it.

Robin said...

Sheesh, isn't it obvious that the correct answer would be to refloat the Yamato battleship from the bottom of the ocean, and outfit it with space engines?

Everyone knows that.

Anonymous said...

Only if we can re-animate the dead crew, too. Shiver.

Karl said...

If we get that technology, I will forgo the giant robot plan in favor of Zombie Alien-Tech Yamato Battleship.