Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Uvulaic Sensitivity

Chaon wrote:
the chief wrote:
Toe Save wrote:[img]Image[/img]

Carnegies taking delivery for its Bangers and Mash?

Still bitter after all these years?

I guess you got tired of waiting for the UVULA truck.

Godammit man! I am TIRED of your cruelty and insensitivity on this forum! Do you have ANY IDEA what it is LIKE to have a hyper-sensitive uvula? Do you? DO YOU?

Let me tell you, it is no walk in the picnic park. The burning, itching, and seepage is enough to turn a man into a quivering pile of weeping infelicity. Those of us with uvulaic sensitivity cannot ever take our place as full men in society. We are shunned. We are mocked. Our already small testicles crawl farther up in to our bodies, rendering them nearly invisible. Our testicles, not our bodies. You can still see our bodies fine, though you probably wouldn't want to.

I say it is time to stop the persecution of me and my kind. We are in enough physical, psychological, and emotional pain already.

Bahh, your kind gets no sympathy from me, man.
Remember the old saying:

"I cried because I had a tender oversensitive permanently heat-damaged uvula,
Until I met a man who had NO uvula.

Sonofabitch could sure shovel down them piping hot mashed potatoes, though, I'll tell you that..."

-the chief

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