Friday, August 17, 2012

From CDS

I should write one of these for Taiwan: Why I'm leaving China.


Anonymous said...

Read the comments...everyone seems to be heading to Taiwan.

So, maybe an article about "Dear China Hands, Stop Groping Taiwan like its some Chinese KTV Girl" would be in order.

Karl said...

You've been in and out of China for many years. What's your take on the Kitto article?

Anonymous said...

I suspect one could deal with the culture, the schooling, or the business environment, but the combination of all 3 must suck.

Taiwan has advantages in many of these areas, and has been improving. When I first arrived foreigners could not own land, had to pay higher tax rates than locals, and found getting visas very hard. That's all changed now.

China probably has kept all those rules, added some corruption, and then has everything else going on. Hell, the Taiwanese hate dealing with China.