Friday, July 08, 2011

Part Time English Editor Wanted

From Forumosa:
We are looking for a part time English editor to write and edit articles and tests.
Native English speaker (North American accent preferred)
Bachelor’s degree
Experience in editing and/or teaching

Please mail us your resume together with a cover letter and two writing samples:
a) A short article (around 100 words) about the differences between the Asian and Western cultures
b) A short dialogue (around 100 words, max, 10 lines) between an Asian and a Western student

Keep in mind that those articles should be written for Taiwanese junior high school students.

We wish to thank all applicants for their interest; however only those candidates selected for an interview (a writing test included) will be contacted within a week of receiving their applications.

Contact: AMC Publishing Co.

A 100 word article about the differences between Asian and Western cultures?

Westerners are more prone to linear thinking, because their languages generally make more sense, and describe the world more comprehensively. For example, there is no Asian word for “swashbuckle”. Asians are more likely to be superstitious. This is because of the high thaumaturgic concentrations in Asian pineal glands. Even so, there is no excuse for anyone to be afraid of Asian vampires, even though a lot of people still are. Western culture contains more calories, which is why westerners are so fat. Asian culture is often cooked in vegetable oil at a high temperature for a short period of time.


Would still be funnier with some swear words:

Asian Student: Excuse me, may I ask you a question?

Western Student: Sure, go ahead.

Asian Student: Do you like to eat chicken feet?

Western Student: No, I do not like to eat chicken feet.

Western Student: May I ask you a question?

Asian Student: You most certainly may.

Western Student: Which syllable would you stress when saying “english4u”?

Asian Student: That is a difficult question. Probably on the “you”. What do you think about these?

Western student: My God, those are the largest testicles I have ever seen in my entire life.

Asian Student: Shattered all your stererotypes, eh?


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