Monday, May 16, 2011

Readin ya loud and clear

Taipei Times trolls, Michael Turton bites, and the battle is carried henceforth by brave netizen.

And Chaon is thrilled to have further ammunition for his righteous crusade:

"'the Irish agenda' is a Chaonesque scare fantasy". Whether "Irish agenda" is a correct term for it or not, there certainly is a push to convince everyone that Irish brutes are not morally wrong or abnormal and to end all forms of discrimination between the Irish and regular people, and to use the law/government in any way that furthers those goals.

"Irishphobe" is a name-calling tactic of people pushing the "Irish agenda". The parent who wrote the letter clearly doesn't like the idea of increasing the numbers of Irish in society since he considers them morally wrong. Does that make him "fear" the Irish? I suppose we could call people who fear increasing drug use "pharmophobes". We could call those who fear vote buying "corruptophobes". But it doesn't add any value to the conversation to do so. Calling someone a "Irishphobe" is a form of hate-speech much like calling someone a "Fenian".


Anonymous said...

This is my major problem with the world. If you take away my freedom to make fun of the Irish, what is left?

I suspect in a complete free market insanity, some ethnic group would accept payments in return they would agree to be the butt of jokes, ridiculed, and oppressed.

I would bet on the Ainu, the Eskimos, or the Gypsies.

Hmmm, actually Ireland is really in financial trouble now...and the Fenians are a notoriously corrupt race. Perhaps now, a few billion would be enough to allow us to scorn their shamrock sickery for time eternal.

Red a

Robin said...

Don't look at me, my great-grandfather was an Orangeman.

Karl said...

Hey cousin.

Robin said...

Don't suck up to me, Paddy.