Thursday, February 17, 2011

Conflicted, Part 325

I really hate spiders, but I hate mosquitoes even more. So the suggestion that I invite the East African jumping spider into my home is problematic.

EDIT: In my comprehensive research* on this topic, I discovered this gem-

*I read the Fark comments regarding the BBC article.

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Anonymous said...

I had two similarly sized spiders in my house in Taichung. One I had the nanny kill because it actually sneaked in her door when she was holding it open. EVIL.

The other I used a mop handle. I now appreciate why our ancestors invented the spear, and why the term 10 ft. pole is used...kill from a distance.

p.s. supposedly these big spiders in Taiwan (about the size of your hand) can bite you and their poison makes you go insane...explains a lot, huh?

red A