Monday, November 22, 2010

台中老土在台北, Part 2

Three months and some days up North now. Recent differences noted:

- Coin laundromats. Never seen one in Taichung. Fairly common in the Zhonghe area. I'm not even going to try and guess the reason.

- In the office complex where my company is located, there has been a workman in a hanging platform busily washing the outside windows, and also washing the building exterior to remove dust and grime. Washing a building to keep it clean! Whodathunkit? I find this concept to be fascinating, and I hope this technology is exported to Taichung someday.

- The weather. Dark and rainy you say? Let me put it this way: I'm already feeling compelled to hunt down and retire escaped Replicants.

- Food. You know how we always rave about Salut Pizza in Taichung? You know why we do that? Because we do not have an Alleycat's there. That's why.

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