Sunday, March 28, 2010

Down Pat

Like most Sunday mornings, yesterday started with us being all waffled up in this house. I'm not yet qualified to go on Top Chef, but I can make a breakfast fit for a king. Granted, it would be a real fat king with high cholesterol, but whatever.

So Ishmael is chomping his waffles, and asks me if he can have some more butter. I say sure, but let me slice it for you. I cut off a generous slab of pure, slightly salted butter. Ishmael stabs it with his fork, puts it in his mouth and starts chewing.

I didn't know what to say. I suspect that as a good Uncle, I should admonish him not to do that. But inside I am wildly impressed that this kid eats pure butter. So I compromised. I told him not to do that when Aunt Cynthia is around to see it.*

*Which puts it in the same category as 'licking syrup off the plate', 'sock ball fight extravaganza', and other important guy stuff that women don't understand.


Robin said...

Who do you think you are, Ina Gardner?

Karl said...


Robin said...

Ina Garten

Link here

She's got a cooking show on Food TV Network. Not a small woman.

Always seems like every recipe of hers starts with a pound of butter.

Karl said...

Hmm. Not too far off the mark. Pretty much everything I cook involves butter, vinegar, lemon juice, or some novel combination thereof.