Monday, January 18, 2010

Cross off another one

Things I can still do:

Thrash hard on a skateboard
Eat all the onion rings I want
Wreak havoc in the mosh pit

Roll down grassy hills for fun (01/16/2010)
Push ups
Play blitz chess
Remember where I live
Dress myself


Robin said...

Henpecked about the grass stains?

Karl said...

I wish. I was prepared for dizziness and nausea, but not for the physical shock of rolling my weak-ass Mr-Salty-the-Pretzel-Man body down a hill.

Ishmael (7-year old nephew) loved it though, and hurled himself down the same hill about a thousand times as I looked on with envy and nostalgia.

Robin said...

So how many of the last four are you in denial about?

Karl said...

I'll play *you* speed chess for US$100 per game, for as many games as you want.

Not sure I can do more push-ups than you though.

And "dressing oneself" is a fundamentally subjective concept, and thus eludes outside determination on whether it has been done or not.

Robin said...

So basically you are in denial of at least 2 of the last 4.