Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report: "I do not love sex with men".

Well hell, son. I do not love the steamy three-ways with Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin. But every time they are in town and call me up at three in the morning all drunk, I inevitably end up in the middle of a sticky, xenophobic, melee of amour. There's no point in trying to hide it, these things just happen.

Oh, and Matt? I just love that hat. It's fabulous.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he's an asexual homosexual...or a homosexual with a very low libido. non-curious bisexual?

Personally, as a hetero with a high libido, I don't understand all of these permutations, but there was that guy at a bar in Taichung who introduced himself as "non-practicing homosexual."

Maybe that's what a married male is, a non-practicing heterosexual.

Robin said...

He seems no more confused about his sexuality than you do, Karl.

On the theme of weirdly appropriate Turing words - this one is "supexo".

Karl said...

I'm not confused about my sexuality. It's *other people* who are confused about my sexuality. Since I can't for the life of me imagine why that is, I'm going to go listen to some Kenny G and think about it for a while.