Friday, January 23, 2009

Matt Taibbi mauls Thomas Friedman. And there was much rejoicing.


A Wii it will be for me. If I went with the 360, I'd buy Halo 3. Then my wife and would play the campaign cooperatively. Then she would hit my guy in the back of the head with plasma grenades about 100 times, and I'd have to divorce her. Presumably there will be no such issue with the Wii bowling or tennis game or whatever.

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Anonymous said...

I've got both and both are chipped. If you buy a new 360 with a hard drive you can play all of your old xbox games, even from the states (with chip) also i have downloaded and burned games for both wii and xbox 360 (Legend of zelda, sid miers revolution and halo 3). Of course now i have too much fun to do... but there are worse things.