Thursday, October 02, 2008


Dear Terry,

How are you? I am fine. I hope you enjoyed your recent trip to Thailand. I like Thailand very much. The food is delicious, and the people are very nice.

I want to thank you for lending me the book titled The Skinner, by Neal Asher. It is a very interesting book, with many marvelous ideas.

Unfortunately, reading this book is going to give me nightmares about the Prador for the rest of my life. Therefore, I am going to sue you for a zillion dollars. You will probably need to start looking for a good lawyer.

Your friend,


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Anonymous said...

Ha, yes, the follow up novel "voyage of the Sable Keech" is good too. I always thought the "Shrike" from Hyperion was a nightmare giving creature of the highest calibre also.
Neil Asher's "Gridlinked is another excellent read.