Friday, October 03, 2008


The housing crisis. The credit crisis. The climate crisis. The global food price crisis. The China milk crisis. Everybody is talking and arguing about these, while ignoring the most critical crisis faced by me:

My Midlife Crisis.

I'm not sure what the symptoms of a midlife crisis for a man are, though I have the impression they include new sports cars, pony tails, and 21 year old mistresses named 'Candy'. While clear (so far) on those counts, there is really no other explanation for my deciding this week than I totally must go to the Linkin Park concert in Taipei on October 17. I only have the vaguest idea of who this band is or what they play. I find the concept of paying NT$4000 for a concert ticket staggering. But some part of my psyche is yelling "Go! All the young and cool people will be there! You're still young and cool, aren't you?"

Well yeah, I'm totally cool. But I don't know where the Taipei soccer stadium is. And that ticket price will set me back in the upcoming purchase of a much-needed Cayman-S.


Anonymous said...

Linkin' Park is already an old band.

and I think they are like hard rock meets rap.

I bet you go there and then complain the next day that it was too loud.

Red A

Spencer said...

This should take you to the soccer stadium.