Friday, June 01, 2007

Angry blogger of the week award goes to SPC Milo Freeman, with If the Shoe Fits

I'm not clear on two points: What is "a daisy-chain of 155s", and where in Iraq is "Route Tampa"?


Spencer said...

Excellent link, Karl. Straight from the horses mouth.

So where do we fit in? Those of us overseas, observing from a far off land?

Karl said...

You got me. I'm in kind of an awkward position with the war, having thought in 2003 that the suffering of the Iraqi people couldn't be any worse under a U.S. puppet regime than under Saddam. I also thought that we could create a relatively free and democratic society pretty much any where we pleased. In retrospect, a decade in Asia seems to teach explicitly against the second idea. As for the first, I was ignorant and credulous.

My only out now is the argument that since nobody cares what I think anyway, I am not really responsible for the clusterfuck we see there today. And being something like 0 for 5 on Mideast prognostication, I'm leery of telling everyone what needs to be done now to fix Iraq.

Spencer said...

I say we blame the Brits for chopping up the country in the first place!

I see your point "nobody cares what I think anyway".

We're not home to participate in any dialogue (not that it would make much of a difference anyway). Yet we see firsthand the effects of Uncle Sam's bullish behavior on our slowly declining global image.

*clusterfuck* is the word of the day!

Red A said...

Blame the don't get many chances to blame them for stuff.

Daisy chain of 155s refers to an IED set up of 155mm artillery shells in a daisy chain so when they go off a whole street goes up.

(Were you just joking about that?)