Wednesday, April 11, 2007

From The Sun: Chinese girls set to rule
A "WOMAN town" where females make all decisions and punish naughty men is being built in mid-China.

The 1.5 square mile Shuangqiao district in Chongqing will have the slogan: "A woman never makes a mistake. A man can never reject a woman’s request."

It is expected to be a Mecca for women tourists. Tourism chief Li Jigang said: "A disobedient man will be punished by kneeling on a board or doing dishes."
Trust me, there is no need to travel to Chongqing to see such an environment. Visitors to a certain household in South Taichung can see the disobedient man being punished in a wide variety of ways: kneeling on an abacus, washing dishes, floors, windows and ceilings, being beaten with belts, shoes, curtain rods, and pretty much anything that the decision-making woman in question can lift and swing. The house has the slogan: "I'm sorry honey. Now wait a minute! OW OW OW OW OW OW!"

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Angus said...

I can one-up that. After many yells of "Slow down, you're gonna get a ticket!" I got popped at 81 in a 65 zone. As the wife and I are on a crash course of debt reduction, every penny is paying off credit bills so we can be credit-debt free by 08, and that $225 ticket screws the monthly budget...hence, my first visit to the plasma collection place yesterday..I can make $50 a week going 2x a week for the next month. Plasma needles are BIG. OW. Only 7 times left to go. I feel dizzy...I'm gonna go lie down. It's "I told you so" in BLOOD.