Friday, February 16, 2007

Quick follow up on video Thursday and pick on (Northern) Alabama Wednesday, here's the Top Gear stoned in Alabama video.

Youtube is yanking these as soon as they go up, so it might be removed by the time you read this. I've got it saved as an .flv file, so I can E-mail it to anyone who missed it.

Thinking about it, how would you pull a similar stunt in Britain? Drive around Greater Manchester with MANCHESTER UNITED SUCKS emblazoned on your car? If that didn't work, maybe go to Northern Ireland with a "Gerry Adams for Prime Minister" bumper sticker. I don't really know enough about the U.K. to know which buttons to push, but with the plethora of regional and sport animosities they enjoy, it shouldn't be too hard to find the equivalent of "NASCAR SUCKS".


Robin said...

Actually in Greater Manchester, the bumper sticker most likely to get your car stoned would read "Allah Sucks".

Robin said...

Important Press Release.