Friday, December 15, 2006


Professor: Now, can someone tell me... why, we pulled our troops out of Iraq?

Student: The failure of Iraqization to win popular support... caused an ongoing erosion of confidence... in the various American... but illegal... Baghdad regimes.

Professor: Is she right? 'Cause I know that's the popular version... of what went on there. I know a lot of people like to believe that. I wish I could, but I was there. I wasn't here in a classroom... hoping I was right, thinking about it. I was up to my knees in sand... with Humvees that weren’t armored, going up against Haji... slugging it out with him, while pussies like you... were back here partyin', puttin' headbands on... doin' drugs, listening to the goddamn Eminem cd's!

Sam Kinison was a preacher before he turned comedian. I bet those sermons were exciting.

Here is a list of Slang from Operation Iraqi Freedom. I like this one:
Death Blossom: The tendency of Iraqi security forces, in response to receiving a little fire from the enemy, to either run away or do the "death blossom" spraying fire indisciminately in all directions. The term originated in the 1984 movie "The Last Starfighter" as a maneuver in which a single starfighter can single handedly wipe out an entire armada.


Anonymous said...

google patent search. enjoy karl.

Karl said...

Thanks, but Crouch posted this yesterday. I played with it all morining. The OCR software is kind of dodgy when reading the text of some pre-1976 patents. Still better than nothing, and the free part is always nice.

Anonymous said...,M1

My personal fave so far. Megatron.