Friday, March 17, 2006

5000 Years of history, 5 days of civilization

Back in 1989, there were some demonstrations in Nanjing in protest of African students dating Chinese women. Nothing real serious, I think a wall got knocked down and a couple of students got beaten up.

The letter below was sent to the dormitories in Tianjin in which African students lived. I made a copy, and ran across it while going through pics for scanning.

China whose thousand-year glory and cultural tradition is ineffaceably written in the history of mankind, stands today, because of the great Xiao-Ping's merit in front of a new historic prime.

We are walking towards our great aim on a broad road opened to advanced and civilized world. It doesn't mean, however, that we will feed the whole uncultural Africa with the results of our efforts and we will allow any Negro to hang about our universities to annoy Chinese girls and to introduce on our academic manners, acquired by life in tropical forests, offending our traditional hospitality and broad mindedness.

If even after you further reproof, for which we ask you, therewill be no correction in behavior of idling black students, new and even harder lessons of 'friendship' will follow. They will be based on the experience of Americans, who know very well what to do to curb the Negroes in their country. Every thing depends on you now.

With greetings. Students Association

Note: Copies of this letter written by the Chinese Students Association have been sent to all African Embassies and diplomatic missions in Beijing.


Peter said...

Priceless. Can you post the jpeg as well?

Daniel said...

Lovely stuff!

Karl said...

Peter, I'll scan it and upload it to Flickr, then post a link on this blog.

Karl said...

Peter, The image is uploaded. Look here:

Let me know if that doesn't work.