Friday, March 17, 2006

419 Scanner

I bought a scanner, a BenQ, for NT$1559 at that odd computer store that faces People's Park. So for a while I'll be scanning old pics and posting them here, until I get bored with the whole thing and stop.

Marti Gras 1990
"You won't win son."
"But what if I do?"
"You won't."
"What if I do!"

Well, in the ensuing battle of the berets, Jude Acers proceeded to utterly destroy me. I've been beaten by some pretty damn good chessplayers in my day, but have seldom had my ass absolutely handed to me like that in a slow game. (Happens in blitz all the time, but it doesn't matter- it's just blitz). Acers was the real deal, with the expected bonus of also being crazier than... than... a very crazy man. The game cost me five bucks. I wonder how he has made out after Katrina.



Anonymous said...

I'm trying to remember when berets were in style, and I've come up with...never. But on you, it looks hot. Really.

Robin said...

Its that faux-Che Guavara look.