Thursday, February 09, 2006



Support our Ribbons


Red A said...

Since I actually pay US taxes, I guess it's technically true in my case.

Do I win an SUV or a lower draft number?

Karl said...

That's a different kind of support, along the lines of 'child support' (where you might have to actually do something or put up some money or somesuch).

My 'support' is the much more important spiritual support, affected by bumper stickers, ribbons, blog banners and wearing red on Fridays. So I actually support many more troops than you do, because when I wear red on Fridays there is actually more red.

I also frequently sing the Star Spangled Banner to anyone who will listen, and you can't support our brave men and women stationed around the world* much better than that.

*From 'When will Jesus bring the Pork Chops'

Red A said...

Look, can I just write the check?

Last time I was nagged into supporting the troops with some "quality time" I ended up drinking Bud Lite and listening to two guys from Texas discussing the new BDUs and whether the harsh desert sun or the brutal Afghan winter was worse.

You know, I sent a couple of action movie DVD's last Christmas in a care package...doesn't that show I care? What is the obsession with actually interacting with them? My dad was in the army and he never interacted with civilains, unless you count those Korean women, and he turned out just fine.

Yeah, I know the court says I have the right to see the troops two week-ends a month, but that's a *right* not some goddamn rule. So what if you can't meet anyone else when you have a bunch of troops riding in the back of your car. Jeeez, if you had just used some protection we'd have never had this problem in the first place.

Okay. Fine. Leave the troops with me this week. I've got some chores for them to do anyhow. Bitch.