Friday, February 10, 2006

I was reading the link in Robin's latest post, and found myself fascinated by the image of Bill Frist on the right, asking readers to "Help Me Secure Our Borders". I didn't know Bill Frist was an M.D., and never let it be said that I don't do my part to secure Our Borders. So I clicked on it. That took me to a questionnaire titled Legislative Priorities Project. Man, I love questionnaires, especially questionnaires that help secure borders. I can't figure out how to link directly to it, so here are the questions:

Border Security II

Do you believe we are spending enough money to protect our borders?

Do you believe our laws prohibiting American companies from hiring illegal aliens are properly enforced?

Do you think we need to find a legal way to satisfy businesses labor needs?

Do you believe that the relatively inexpensive labor contributed by immigrants helps the American economy?

Do you believe American support for economic development in Central and South America will stem northward migration for jobs?

Do you believe that free trade agreements between the United States and countries in our hemisphere ? like NAFTA and CAFTA ? will decrease the flow of illegal immigration over time?

Do you believe that "earned adjustment" is amnesty?

Do you believe that immigrants are being taught American values and history sufficiently?

Do you believe the Mexican government is doing enough to stop trafficking of illegal immigrants into the United States?

Do you believe that terrorists are infiltrating or are seeking to infiltrate our borders with Mexico and Canada?

Do you believe that the United States should construct a wall or barrier along our border with Mexico?

Do you believe that the government should spend whatever money it takes to locate and deport all 11 million legal immigrants from the U.S.?

A bunch of those questions kind of confuse me, but #12 is especially perplexing. I'm not saying we shouldn't deport 11 million legal immigrants, especially if Freedom Victory is involved. But I think I'm going to need to hear more arguments as to how that's going to help. And if we are going to deport legal immigrants, then maybe we should go ahead and start deporting the descendents of legal immigrants too.


Robin said...

Most likely a typo.

Michael Turton said...

Yes, I'd like to hear the Amerind answer to number 12. A very revealing typo, that. I like number 3 a lot too....

"Do you think we need to find a legal way to satisfy businesses labor needs?"

"No sirree! I think we should do it illegally!"


Michael Turton said...

Am available for game M-F this week.


Karl said...

That there typo is what they call one of them Froyeedee-an slips.

Red A said...

So what if you are an illegl alien, but you also make really, really good Tex-Mex?

Are we going to deport you and lose some serious guacomole skills?

and how can we get some Mexicans into Taiwan's market?

sorry, I'm hungry.