Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Follow Up

A while back I posted the Top Thirty Chuck Norris facts. Since then, Chuck Norris has found out about them, and posted a public statement.

I'm tempted to say that Chuck Norris' response is not funny, and is a lame attempt to sell his books. But if I said that, Chuck Norris would probably round kick me in the face so hard that it would rupture both my brothers' appendixes. Appendices. Whatever.

Like all good internet fads, the Farkers have taken this one and run with it. Check out this thread of Chuck Norrisisms, one of the best Fark threads I have ever seen.
The cure for cancer is in Chuck Norris' tears, but we will never be able to get it because Chuck Norris has never cried. Ever.

In news guaranteed to enrage me, it appears that women are not allowed to kiss other women at New Zealand cricket matches.
A friendly kiss between Richelle Fitzgibbon, 29, and Kelly Holdway, 20, at the Napier one-day cricket international on Sunday, ended abruptly after a guard stopped the women. He warned the pair they were distracting the crowd and could be thrown out if they did it again.
If distracting the crowd is the issue, then it would seem that there should be a great big list of behavior that should be banned. While watching two women kissing is obviously more exciting than watching a cricket match, it seems obvious that watching anything else in the world is also more exciting than watching a cricket match.

But, I'm kind of worried about how one of the women involved responded:
"It seems like something from 1950s Alabama. I'm completely shocked it would happen in New Zealand."
Even people in New Zealand know about Alabama? And make jokes about it?


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