Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More taste AND half the carbs?

Miller and Anheuser Busch go at it over who's light beer tastes better.
The latest fight in the U.S. beer battle is a matter of taste. Miller Brewing Co. says rival Anheuser-Busch has altered Bud Light in the past year to make it more bitter and bubbly, rolling out the claim about Bud Light in national television ads that began airing Friday. The company said data it has collected show Bud Light's bitterness and carbonation rose from last year.
Ah yes. The eternal question of which American made light beer is more flavorful. Nothing funny or ironic in that question. Not at all.

To help you make better informed light beer purchasing decisions, here are some enitirely accurate and professional beer reviews:

Miller Lite: A round, intensely flavored, well balanced beer, with depth and length.
Supple and complex aroma. Delightfully delicate zinc oxide aftertaste.

Bud Light: Rich, robust flavor with a velvety texture. Medium body, good balance, and a crisp finish. Evokes nostalgic, poignant, and bittersweet memories of being eighteen years old and working as a security guard, and being assigned by the company to guard a brewery.


Red A said...

Where's the review of Taiwan Lite Beer?

They actually made that stuff for a while. I bet Bud and Miller were sooooo scared.

and why no Stella Artois Lite?

VT said...

Budweiser started selling a new "Select" brand this year, which we tried due to it's pitch as ?a new kind of beer? brewed for a crisp taste that finishes clean. Turns out, it's their contribution to low-carb beer. Tastes like a light version of Bud Light...or brown water. Ick.